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The Show

Square Pegs is a riotous new musical comedy with music by Jeremy Thorne and book and lyrics by Richard Mulholland.

In the not too distant future, on a not too distant planet, a group of social outcasts, ‘Square Pegs’ as they are known, are being subjected to a revolutionary new process called Normalisation, which its inventor, Dr. Ivana Petrovich claims will cure them of their strange ways and allow them to ‘fit in’ back on Earth.

The institution’s Governor, Elspeth Mytholmroyd, regards Petrovich as a fraud and does everything she can to sabotage her experiments. Things reach boiling point with a violent riot that ends in the Governor being shot.

An insurance inspector, Lavinia Winward, arrives and declares that unless she can apprehend and ‘cull’ the instigator of the riot, the institution will be uninsurable, declared a write off and be ‘terminated’ with staff relocated to the Bermuda Triangle and inmates vaporised.

Lavinia’s investigations prove fruitless and she is forced to call an old acquaintance for help, super sleuth Millicent Marshall.

It’s not long before things take a turn and a simple insurance investigation becomes a murder inquiry.

Will Lavinia discover the riot’s instigator before planet and inmates are annihilated?

Will Millicent be able to uncover the identity of the killer before they strike again?

Will the Square Pegs ever return home to Earth?

It’s time to find out.

The clock is ticking...

The Writers

Jeremy Thorne and Richard Mulholland met at Royal Holloway, University of London where, in between getting jointly involved in numerous plays, concerts and musical productions, Jeremy read Music and Richard, English Literature.

Their first collaboration was an avant-garde production of Bugsy Malone (the adults were played by adults) in which Richard played ‘Fizzy’ (on stage) and Jeremy played ‘Harp’ (on an electric keyboard.)

After graduating, Jeremy trained as an actor at Drama Studio, Ealing and Richard at Drama Centre London. ‘Drama’ it seems was an integral part of their lives.

Jeremy and Richard did not see each other again for three years until they bumped into each other along Whitehall.

Richard was looking for a musical director for his production of Sheridan Morley’s revue Noel and Gertie and had just walked out of the National Portrait Gallery where he had been looking at Noel’s bust (so to speak). His first thought had been to ask Jeremy but he had no idea of his whereabouts. Imagine his amazement then, when, waiting for the bus, he saw Jeremy sauntering across the road like the proverbial chicken. He yelled out, stopped him (rather startled) in his tracks and asked him to be musical director to which Jeremy had no choice but to say yes. The Thorne/ Mulholland collaboration had begun.

Jeremy and Richard often perform together in cabaret. This is their first foray into working seriously together, well sort of seriously (in a funny ha ha sort of way)...